The effect of chlorine bleach on dust mites

Dust mites

Does chlorine bleach kill dust mites in laundry?

Some people are allergic to bugs and dust mite is one of them. It is increasingly difficult to control the menace of these bugs and they mainly affect the nasal system resulting in sneezing, and asthma. There are some pertinent questions regarding dust mites and how its adverse effect can be controlled. Can chlorine bleach kill dust mites during laundry? We shall look at the details here.

A critical analysis of the effectiveness of chlorine bleach and its impact on dust mite will be examined with practical solutions on how to eliminate this unhealthy bug. We shall also discuss on how to reduce the presence and spread of dust mites at home by using chlorine bleach cleaning agent in laundry. Another supplementary product that can be used to eliminate dust mite will also be addressed.

Chlorine bleach solutions are practical and often used in laundry to kill dust mites. You should only ensure that the right approach with regards to how time variation and temperature is applied.

Dust mites- also known as (Dermatophagoides farinae) D. farinae- are tiny bugs found in clothes and beddings. It’s difficult to see except with the aid of a microscope and particularly if the bug lies against a contrasting white background color. A lot of people are allergic to dust mite and its unhealthy consequences.

Studies from research indicate that the use of chlorine bleach during laundry at some specific temperature kills dust mites stuck on beddings and other household materials. Dust mites thrive where they can feed on shed skin or dry skin scraps found on clothes, the floor, carpets, and your personal effects. They basically feed on dead skin cells that drop on the floor, your clothes, and beddings.

Research was conducted to verify the efficacy of chlorine bleach in laundry and to determine if it kills dust mites. The results are quite impressive based on the fact that chlorine bleach eliminates dust mites during laundry, but it must be within some conditions; it works better at different specific temperatures when the beddings and clothes are submerged in the bleach activator for longer durations.


The effects of supplement materials and products

There are other products and materials which can help to get rid of dust mite and they work well with chlorine bleach. One of such auxiliary products is the Sodium alkyl acyloxybenzene sulfonate (OBS).

Studies reveal that D. farina was soaked in cleaning solutions that contain several kinds of OBS at different durations and different temperatures to determine the results. The sodium auroyloxy benzene sulfonate (OBS-12) was found to yield the largest death rate of D. farina in comparison with other OBS solutions that were tested.

Therefore, it goes without saying that the addition of OBS to cleansing solutions will extinguish dust mites for good, particularly when cleaning is done on a regular basis.


Pattern of laundry for dust mites

An important aspect to get rid of dust mites is the pattern of laundry employed in the process along with the bleach solutions.

Although research supports the use of chlorine bleach and other supplement products to kill dust mites, you still need to stick to the procedure and conditions. Certain temperatures make it impossible for dust mites to survive and you can use this knowledge to your advantage during laundry.

It was discovered that temperature over 60 degrees Celsius for the duration of one hour is quite deadly to dust mites as well as freezing temperature. So it’s good to integrate this temperature variation with chlorine bleach for laundry purposes with the aim of eliminating dust mites.

Cautiously check around the home for molds and mildew as this breeds dust mites and it can spread to other parts of the house. Damp cleaning of the floor with chlorine solutions will kill off the dust mites present; particularly when you add the OBS bleach activator to intensify the effects of chlorine bleach. Use the bleach solution on the floor with a mop till everywhere is thoroughly damp then let it stand for some minutes, afterward, you can rinse off the solution on the floor.

If you have carpets on the floor, then you need to clean up regularly using a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA (anti-allergen) filter. The vacuum cleaner would kill the dust mites locked within the carpets with ease without affecting your health. A better alternative is to consider disposing of the carpets.

Always ensure the chlorine bleach solution has the right temperature during laundry of your clothes, beddings, and while cleaning the floor as it goes a long way towards getting rid of dust mites completely.

Prevention of Dust mites

There’s no point trying to kill dust mites if you don’t have an idea of the right steps to take for prevention of dust mites in your home.

Dust mite is one of the primary causal agents of asthma and some other allergic symptoms being experienced by people across the world, especially in America. It has a poignant odor that is emitted when you’re near vacuum cleaner bags. Carpets naturally retain dust, and that’s why dust mites find their way there, so you need to use a good vacuum cleaner. Moreover, you should think about replacing carpet floors with hard surface and tiles.

Make sure your home is clean and free of dust, as this attracts dust mites and take extra precautions when it comes to your bed. Dust mites are more attracted to your bed than any other furniture in your home because they can easily have access to live off the dead skin cells that you shed each night. So change your sheets every week and always make use of bleach-based solutions during laundry to kill them.

You need to take the color of your beddings into consideration to eliminate dust mites and their attendant effects. Chlorine bleach solutions and other products have the tendency to change the color of the material, so the most appealing option is to use white linens for your beddings.

You may clean the hard floor with solutions containing chlorine bleach at a very low temperature to eradicate the bugs and ensure that your clothes and beddings are always clean. Dust mites have the capacity to procreate at a high-speed rate, so you need to be at the top of your game and take the necessary precautions.

Chlorine bleach solutions are practical and often used in laundry to kill dust mites. You should only ensure that the right approach with regards to how time variation and temperature is applied.

This way you stand to get more control over dust mites and its unhealthy effects which is quite visible on the skin.

Do you have any experience on how to manage dust mites? Kindly share here!



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