Six dimensions of Heath and Wellness.

The six dimensions of health and wellness. The concepts of health and wellness have evolved over the years. This is more prevalent, especially in recent times. Being fit and healthy entails a multi-dimensional approach. In this post, you shall learn about the dimensions concerned with health and wellness. You will also understand how it affects the health of an individual. It involves the physical, mental, social, environmental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing of an individual. These are the six dimensions of health. They must be maintained to ensure good health, longevity and wellbeing. Do you often wonder how the dimensions of health do impact on the health and wellness of an individual? Please, read ahead then.

Fitness is a necessity

The six dimensions are elaborated below.  

Physical Health: It’s important to maintain a sound body through exercise on a regular basis. You need to regulate good sleep routines. It is also important to avoid harmful and unhealthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. This can be achieved by taking sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables. You also need to stay fit by good exercise.

Running is good exercise

Emotional health: There is the need to be aware and stay in touch with your thoughts and feeling. It refers to the ability to express yourself effectively. You should be able to control your emotions and to absorb the feelings others have for you.

Good lifestyle is important

Social health: It involves the ability to relate with people. You should be able to communicate, and interact well with others. This results in healthy relationships and strong social bonds.

Get the body you deserve by exercising

Environment health: It involves nurturing the natural resources around us. It also entails ensuring the surrounding is free from hazards for our wellbeing by engaging in sanitation exercises.  

Intellectual health: This refers to the cognitive abilities of an individual. Being able to think and analyze issues critically, possess problem-solving skills, fast in learning and acquiring knowledge. This would enable you to engage maximally in meaningful discussions.  

Spiritual Health: This dimension of health seek for answers to the purpose of being and existence. It involves identifying symbolism and their meaning to life. Its effects go beyond the physical to the metaphysical. A positive spiritual perspective enhances our health and wellbeing.

Exercise routines

There is more to it when we look at the dynamics of health, fitness and wellness. The focus of this article is to analyze the dimensions to health from different perspectives. The aim is to have a better understanding on how health and wellness can be effectively managed. We cannot reiterate enough the importance of staying healthy and fit. This can be achieved through proper balanced meals and nutrition.

Juice and smoothies rock!

It has been confirmed that taking fresh fruits, juice, and vegetables are essential to remain healthy and to combat diseases. Ensure you undergo regular exercises. Maintain good sanitary clean ups of the environment. Uphold a positive outlook to life and symbols. Develop and manage emotional bonds, control, and stability. These control measures will enhance your health. It would keep you fit and in good shape. Perhaps, there are other aspects I didn’t mention in the analysis. I would love to hear your thoughts on them! Feel free to drop a comment here. See ya…


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