cucumber slices

Amazing benefits of cucumber!

August 9, 2016 admin 0

Cucumbers is a green fruit with lots of nutritional benefits. It belongs to the same plant family as pumpkin and watermelon. Cucumber is made up […]

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Eggs for weight loss

Weight loss foods

July 22, 2016 admin 4

It takes hard work and discipline to lose weight and stay fit. So many people are struggling to decrease their weight size but eating the […]

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Natural honey

Health benefits of Honey

July 20, 2016 admin 8

Honey is a natural sweetener that comes in a golden sticky liquid form. It is derived from beehives and has lots of medicinal values to […]

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Avoid APasta

Food to avoid late at night

July 16, 2016 admin 0

Sleep is vital for your health. Getting a good night’s sleep is linked to some health benefits, as well as clarity of thought, faster reflexes, […]

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Food for diabetes

How to manage diabetes

July 14, 2016 admin 3

Diabetes is a chronic disease that is lifelong. It is better to avoid a lifestyle that could result to diabetics as it has no medical […]

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