Natural Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Running as an exercise

A lot of diets claim to help ‘boost’ metabolism – but can you do anything to help your body burn calories faster?

To answer this question, it helps to understand a little about how your metabolism works.

Your body metabolism reduces with age, but there are some natural ways you could augment it to burn calories at a faster rate. The metabolic process involves hormones and enzymes that convert food into fuel, and also determines how efficiently the fuel burns. It refers to the chemical reactions that occur within your body which keeps it fit and functioning well.

How fast do you burn calories?

The rate at which you burn calories is influenced to a large extent by your age as there is a decline of 5% per decade after you clock 40 years. Nevertheless, men typically burn more calories than women, and your body mass plays a significant role to determine the level of your metabolism. Hence, the more muscles you have, the higher the rate of metabolism at work.

Running exercise

But the good thing here is you can increase the ability of your body to burn calories faster by engaging in some natural process.

You’d get some of these natural ways in this post, and how best you can make use of the steps to your advantage. The natural ways to boost your body metabolism include the following:

Exercise: Some exercises help to build your muscles which in turn speeds up the body metabolism. When the body works more efficiently, it enhances the ability to process food at a fast rate.

Spices: Studies reveal that capsaicin is present as a bioactive component in spices which accounts for the hot sensation it emits when taken. Examples of such spices include red pepper, ginger, cloves, coriander, hot sauce, cayenne, bay leaves among others. There is a 25% increase in metabolism after eating red pepper, and this result is easily translated for other spices listed too.

Spices increases metabolism

Caffeine: Calories burn faster when you take coffee, tea, or other caffeinated beverages because caffeine boosts the metabolic rate few hours after consumption. However, considering more quantity than necessary could result in hyperactivity with mild insomnia. It would be ideal to know the volume of coffee or caffeine to take without causing any distress conveniently.

Being hydrated: You should take sufficient amount of water to stay hydrated as a little dehydration could reduce your rate of metabolism by 2%, so always ensure you drink water regularly throughout the day.

Being hydrated is a convenient way to enhance your metabolic rate, and studies indicate that drinking at least eight glasses of water a day is a good start towards preventing dehydration.

Water aids metabolism

Eat regularly: It’s necessary to eat food more frequently to keep your body metabolism at a high level, which means you could burn more calories quickly. The trick here is to eat small portions at intervals because when you leave too many hours between meals, it weakens your body metabolism. If you skip meals regularly, then it becomes hard to lose weight or even to keep it steady.

Sugary drinks contain calories so its intake should be decreased as drinking water has more health benefits in comparison. Studies also reveal that drinking water 30 minutes before you eat helps to reduce the quantity of food consumed.

Protein foods: Although intake of food increases your metabolism, the effect is more significant when you consume protein meals in comparison to other classes of food. Furthermore, protein foods make you fuller and prevent you from overeating in contrast to food types that increases your appetite such as carbohydrates.

High-intensity workout: Engaging in frequent high-intensity interval training (HIIT) entails a swift and intensive burst of activity, hence burning fat by enhancing your metabolism rate. Try to integrate high-intensity exercises into your daily routine as studies show it reduces fat mass and belly fat as well.

Aerobic exercise

Move around: Sitting down for long spells is terrible for your health. You should try to move around especially if your job entails spending long periods sitting behind a desk or computer. One of the effects of sitting too low is having fewer calories to burn and more weight gain.

These are some of the ways to enhance your metabolism naturally. Try some of them out and enjoy the results that it yields which also helps to keep you healthy and fit.

Can you think of other means to boost your body metabolism? We’d love to hear you.

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