Health Benefits of Apples

Red apples are a delight

Apples are popular and always in high demand for people that love eating fruits because of its health benefits. They come in red and green colors with a great crunchy bite and taste. You’d learn all about apples shortly, the components, nutritional values, with the specific ailments it prevents, and why it’s important to always consume at least one apple in a day.
Apples contain antioxidants which are components that help to fight off disease and infections. They help to repair damage from oxidation that occurs in the cell process activities. Apples contain pectin which is a soluble and fermentable fiber.

Red apples are a delight

The nutritional content of a medium sized apple include the following:
• Carbs: 25grams
• Calories: 95
• Vitamin C: 14% of the RDI
• Vitamin K: 5% of the RDI
• Vitamin A, E, B1, B2, B6: 4% of the RDI
• Manganese: Under 4% of the RDI
• Copper: Under 4% of the RDI
• Fiber: 4 grams

We shall take a look at some of the benefits of eating apples which is a sweet fruit with high nutritional content.

Increases mental health: Studies reveal that apples enhance mental health and protects against Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer disease which are mental disorders. Apples contain antioxidants and free radical components that enhance good health.

Promotes bone health: Apples have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that enhance the strength and density of the bone. Studies indicate that women who ate more apples lose less calcium from their bodies.

Benefits of eating apples
Prevent cataracts: Studies reveal that people who consume a diet rich in fiber that contains antioxidants are less prone to develop cataract which is a disease of the eyes.
Detoxify your liver: The liver is responsible for flushing out toxins in the body and apples will help your liver work at optimum level because it detoxifies the organ.
Boost the immune system: Quercetin is an antioxidant present in red apples which helps to boost the immune system particularly when the stress level is high.

Prevents diarrhea and constipation: The rich fiber content of apples are great for treating diarrhea as it absorbs the excess water in your stool and slows down the activities of the bowels. It also helps to reduce the effects of constipation.

Prevent gallstones: Taking a diet rich in fiber enables you to manage your weight and it lowers the cholesterol levels in the body as well. Gallstone occurs when there’s a high amount of cholesterol in the bile which solidifies and it’s common amongst obese people.

Increase the health of your heart: Apples have polyphenols (phenolic compounds) which are concentrated on its skin. It helps to prevent cholesterol in your system from solidifying on the walls of the artery. Accumulation of plaque inside the arteries affects the flow of blood to the heart which results in coronary artery disease. However, consumption of apple prevents such incidents from occurring and makes you healthier. Studies show that high consumption of flavonoids reduces the risk of stroke by 20% and it helps to reduce blood pressure as well.

Green apples
Reduces the incidence of cancer: Research indicates that consumption of apples reduces the risk of developing several kinds of cancer due to its rich flavonol properties and other compounds with anti-growth activities that fight against cancer cells in the body particularly the breast, liver, and colon.

Reduce the risk of diabetes: People who eat at least one apple a day have a lower risk of contracting type 2 diabetes in comparison to those who don’t eat apples. The fruit contains soluble fiber which helps to decrease the sugar level in the body.

These are some of the health benefits of eating apples. So if you’re still contemplating on whether to add apples your favorites then it’s all sorted out here with this list of benefits. Apples are filling and ideal for weight loss goals because you eat less quantity of food. It enhances good health, strong bones, improves the mental health, and the gut system in the body.

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