Great ways to use Lemon and Lime

Lemon and lime

There are several ways to make use of lemon and lime for home care and beauty treatments. However, some people are unaware of the tremendous benefits these two citrus fruits possess, so I’d try to share facts on how they can be of great use. Lemon and Lime belong to the citrus family and contain essential components that help to fight off disease and bacteria amongst other. The post seeks to give more insightful details on the best ways you can utilize lemon and lime to suit different purposes.

Benefits of Lemon and Lime

You may use the two citrus fruits for different purposes, and they include the following:

Flavor: The citrus fruits have a spicy taste, and you can squeeze the juice into water or slice a piece as a flavor in your drink with ice. It contains vitamins and minerals like other citrus fruits but with less sugar.

Lemon and Lime Citrus fruits

Reduce wrinkle: You can use the two citrus fruits to eliminate the appearance of fine lines due to the presence of vitamin C-ascorbic acid. When you apply the juice of Lemon and Lime topically on your skin, it helps to make collagen which slows down the pace of wrinkles that come with the natural process of aging.

Lime application on the face
Lemon and lime for exfoliation of dead skin cells

Antioxidant: Lemon and Lime contain essential oils, phenolic acids, Vitamin C, flavonoids, which are antioxidants that fight against free radicals from the atmosphere and protect your cells from deteriorating.

Eliminate bugs: Lime and Lemon have high acid content which kills off bacteria in your food or other kitchen utensils. Simply add the juice to a bowl of water and wash your vegetables, cutting board and even your kitchen counter to clear off any bacteria hanging around.

Boost brain performance: Lemons and limes contain some compounds that keep the cells in your brain safe from harmful substances. It’s mainly helpful for prevention of brain diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease.

Prevent Kidney stones: If you have kidney stones already then, you shouldn’t hesitate to use Lemon and Lime as a lemonade or juice drink. The chemical compounds in citrus fruits help to dissolve the building up of minerals that form stones in your kidney.

Lemonade drink
Lemonade made from Lemon and Lime juice

The juice extracted from Lemon and Lime can be used to make Lemonades, and additionally for other flavors in your drink. You could add some quantity of the juice to a bowl of water and wash your fruits and vegetables. It would help to eliminate bugs and bacteria particularly those logged in within vegetables and other kitchen utensils. Lemon and Lime also help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the skin when used topically, and the juice can also dissolve kidney stones as well.

Use Lemon and Lime in moderation. You may squeeze out the juice and apply it directly on the surface of the skin, but don’t let it stay on for too long before you wash it off.

Do you know of any more ways to use Lemon and Lime for your health and wellbeing? Please share your thoughts here!


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