5 Benefits of Oranges


Why do people love oranges?

I don’t know about you but for me, fruits especially oranges are my all-time favorite. But what makes oranges unique? Why do people crave for this citrus fruit? I’d be sharing the health benefits of oranges in this post. Hopefully, if you’re not an addict of the fruit yet, this post will enlighten you on the need to jump on the bandwagon.

Oranges are usually sweet although some have a little sour taste. It’s a fruit which is readily available, and it’s quite affordable as well.

Ripe Oranges

The citrus fruit has many health benefits which accounts for its popularity amongst health lovers and people who take their wellbeing seriously. Some of the health benefits of oranges include the following:

Prevention of cancer: According to research, D-Limonene (limonoids) is a compound present in oranges which can prevent various forms of cancer such as Breast cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, and the likes. So taking oranges increases the presence of this compound in your body system and enhances your ability to fight off cancer cells.

Boost immune system: Oranges are rich in vitamin C which boosts your body’s immunity against sickness and diseases. The vitamin C content in oranges also helps to eradicate free radicals which can result in chronic diseases.

Fights kidney disease: When you take oranges regularly your body stands a better chance to fight off kidney diseases, and it also reduces the risk of developing kidney stones. It’s often better to take oranges as fruit and juice, rather than to opt for orange juice only.

Healthy heart: Can oranges make your heart healthier? Well, according to research Oranges increases the health of the heart as the fruit contains potassium which is an electrolyte mineral that is responsible for ensuring the heart functions properly.

Relieves Constipation

Reduces constipation: Oranges have fibers which help to stimulate digestive juices in the stomach, and it’s good for alleviating constipation as well.

Enhances vision: Oranges are good for the eyes because the fruit is rich in carotenoid, Vitamin A, and potassium which improves the health of the eyes. So you’d have a more clear vision and eyesight by taking oranges regularly.

So, are oranges good for you? Definitely!

Highlights benefits of oranges

Oranges would keep you healthier by increasing your immunity against diseases, it enhances your vision due to the component and vitamins it contains. Oranges also reduces constipation and makes it easy for your digestive system. You’d have a healthier heart by taking oranges because it’s rich in potassium.

These are some of the health benefits of oranges, and I’m sure you’d agree with me that it has awesome rewards for your health.

  • You should endeavour to take oranges on a daily basis if possible.
  • Be moderate in drinking the orange fruit juice due to the concentration of sugar.
  • You could use oranges to make delicious smoothies and still enjoy the health rewards.

Do you know of any more benefits of oranges? Please, share your thoughts here.

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