Revealed! Effective tips to win the fight against malaria.

Its world malaria day by World Health Organization and many health practitioners have renewed their focus on the deadly scourge of malaria while pledging to fight against the disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 3 billion people across the world are at risk of contracting malaria with an estimate of over 400,000 death cases in 2015. Statistics show that 89 percent of total cases were domiciled in Sub-Sahara Africa.

But the good news is, a lot of hands are on deck to ensure the menace of malaria is curbed. You’d learn some effective measures to put in place to fight against malaria, and the best ways to prevent contracting the disease.

Malaria statistics

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5 Benefits of Oranges

Why do people love oranges?

I don’t know about you but for me, fruits especially oranges are my all-time favorite. But what makes oranges unique? Why do people crave for this citrus fruit? I’d be sharing the health benefits of oranges in this post. Hopefully, if you’re not an addict of the fruit yet, this post will enlighten you on the need to jump on the bandwagon.

Oranges are usually sweet although some have a little sour taste. It’s a fruit which is readily available, and it’s quite affordable as well.

Ripe Oranges

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Natural Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

A lot of diets claim to help ‘boost’ metabolism – but can you do anything to help your body burn calories faster?

To answer this question, it helps to understand a little about how your metabolism works.

Your body metabolism reduces with age, but there are some natural ways you could augment it to burn calories at a faster rate. The metabolic process involves hormones and enzymes that convert food into fuel, and also determines how efficiently the fuel burns. It refers to the chemical reactions that occur within your body which keeps it fit and functioning well.

How fast do you burn calories?

The rate at which you burn calories is influenced to a large extent by your age as there is a decline of 5% per decade after you clock 40 years. Nevertheless, men typically burn more calories than women, and your body mass plays a significant role to determine the level of your metabolism. Hence, the more muscles you have, the higher the rate of metabolism at work.

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Great ways to use Lemon and Lime

There are several ways to make use of lemon and lime for home care and beauty treatments. However, some people are unaware of the tremendous benefits these two citrus fruits possess, so I’d try to share facts on how they can be of great use. Lemon and Lime belong to the citrus family and contain essential components that help to fight off disease and bacteria amongst other. The post seeks to give more insightful details on the best ways you can utilize lemon and lime to suit different purposes.

Benefits of Lemon and Lime

You may use the two citrus fruits for different purposes, and they include the following:

Flavor: The citrus fruits have a spicy taste, and you can squeeze the juice into water or slice a piece as a flavor in your drink with ice. It contains vitamins and minerals like other citrus fruits but with less sugar.

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Care of your skin for a healthy glow

Has it ever occurred to you that the quality of your skin is equal to your health?

Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to discover that the skin reflects your health to a significant extent, and as such great care needs to be taken to protect and nurture the skin.

Now, to take adequate care of your skin there is need to indulge in healthy lifestyles and habit.

The post addresses several ways on how to treat your skin correctly regardless of the skin type. You’d also get more details on the products to use for proper care of the skin including natural fruits and vegetables.

Cleanse your face
Thoroughly wash your face

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Habits of Weight loss winners!

With the spring almost at hand, people on the big side are making an effort to reduce their weight to enjoy the summer clothing. However, only a small number of overweight or obese people can successfully reduce their weight.

How do they achieve this feat? Is it discipline or sheer willpower? The question begs to be asked!

Many people are keen on losing weight, but only a handful of the number achieve positive results. The essence of this post is to present the lifestyle of people who scaled through losing weight with the intention of replicating the results for yourself as well.

You don’t have to guess anymore at the reason people are losing weight than others anymore. The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) and the Global Healthy Weight Registry were able to identify some habits common among people that lose weight by tracking their lifestyle and predisposition.

As a result of the insights gathered from these two groups, there are some everyday habits of those who lose weight. They include the following:

Several fresh fruits and vegetables
Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

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Facts about Healthy Eating

It’s a new year and the tendency to eat junk food is high with all the celebration and festivities. Nevertheless, it’s vital to be cautious as whatever you eat goes a long way to define the state of your health.

With different classes of food available, it may pose a problem to eat healthily and avoid food choices that increase your risks to disease and illness. You could learn new ways to ensure your diet and food consumption does not predispose you to health challenges. Hence, it’s important to eat healthy and learn about the nutrients obtainable from different food groups which would enhance your ability to make healthier choices.

In this post, you will understand the essence of healthy eating and what makes it different from dieting as opposed to popular opinion. Furthermore, you’ll discover how you can eat healthily and the benefits it carries.

Studies reveal that vegetables, whole grains, and fresh fruits boost your immune system as well as reducing the intake of salty or fatty food. You need to integrate moderation, balance, and variety in your food choices on a regular basis.

Strive for balance: You should ensure that you have each class of food -protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals -in your meal for balance.

Fruits and Vegetables
Varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables

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7 Health Benefits of Detoxification

The most noticeable health benefits of detox are the physical ones. You will learn about the 7 detoxification health benefits in this post. Since the toxins are within the primary organs, detoxification will help these areas the most. The organs which are affected, such as the liver and stomach, will begin to work more effectively.

With all the diseases and infections on prowl these days it comes as no surprise that a lot of people detox the body system. Detoxification has lots of health benefits, and health conscious people indulge in it on a regular basis. It is also medically recommended to detox your body and cleanse your organs thoroughly. We shall look into the benefits of detoxification and the fruits and vegetables to eat especially when taken together as a drink or smoothie.

Benefits of detoxification
Detoxification is healthy living

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The effect of chlorine bleach on dust mites

Does chlorine bleach kill dust mites in laundry?

Some people are allergic to bugs and dust mite is one of them. It is increasingly difficult to control the menace of these bugs and they mainly affect the nasal system resulting in sneezing, and asthma. There are some pertinent questions regarding dust mites and how its adverse effect can be controlled. Can chlorine bleach kill dust mites during laundry? We shall look at the details here.
A critical analysis of the effectiveness of chlorine bleach and its impact on dust mite will be examined with practical solutions on how to eliminate this unhealthy bug. We shall also discuss on how to reduce the presence and spread of dust mites at home by using chlorine bleach cleaning agent in laundry. Another supplementary product that can be used to eliminate dust mite will also be addressed. 

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Kidney Stones: Causes, symptoms, and Treatments.

Different people at peculiar stages in life experience kidney stones and face the cumbersome challenge of how to manage and treat the disease. I will share insights on the causes of kidney stone, and the effective treatment options. You will also get more information on how you can prevent the incidence of kidney stones and take the right precautions.

Before we go further it is necessary to explain the term “Kidney Stone”

Kidney stones are small and hard mineral substances that are formed within the kidney.

Kidney stones are formed from materials that contain crystals such as calcium and uric acid which could not be diluted by the fluid in your urine and this often occurs when your urine does not contain materials that prevent crystals from being stuck together. This results to the formation of kidney stones in the body.

Formation of kidney stones
Kidney stones

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